Name:DVB-C QAM Analyser



5-870Mhz Hand-Hold RF Level Meter Field Strength Meter DVB-C QAM Analyser LM870-WFD

● Support both DVB-C Signal and CATV Analogue signal test
● More easy installation for DVB-C&CATV project
● Average peak power, MER,BER, C/N, EVM and Constellation diagram of DVB-C measurable
● Trunk-line AC voltage, V/A, C/N and TILT measurable
● Automatic scanning, Automatic channel-filtering and Automatic error-operation amending for analogue test
● Spectrum displaying
● Automatic over-voltage shut-off protection
● AC/DC optional (Ni-H/Li storage battery inside)
● Full-digital key-board operation, direct freq. & channel input
● All standard analogue channels and subjoin channels pre-set inside
● Level test error Correct
● Channel edit function by manual or Automatically operation.
● New channel-table setting according to user’s special requirement
● High quality big size LCD display
● English/Chinese operation interface
● Audio output (speaker set-in)

  • Specification


● Frequency Range: 46-870MHz
● Resolution Bandwidth: 280KHz ± 50KHz
● Channels: Full Channels
● Level Range: 35dBμV - 115dBμV
● Accuracy: ±1.5dBuV (under room temperature)
                    ±2.5dBuV (- 10 - +40℃)
● Input impedance 75Ω(BNC or F connector)
● Wave detection Peak value

Auto Scan Testing:
● Max. Channel Scan: 100 Channels
● Scan Range: Full Channels within 46--870MHz
● Scan Speed: 30 Channels/Min
● Memory Groups: 23 Groups(00--22) Each group store Max 100 Channels.

● Voltage Range: 0 -- 100VAC
● Accuracy: ±1.5V
● Resolution 0.1V

● Level Range: 80dBuV – 105dBuV
(Test result is only for reference, not very accuracy)

● Dimension: 215mm x 95mm x 47mm
● Weight: 610g (Without charger)
● Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ + 40℃
● Display LCD: 128x64 Matrix Super big LCD with back light

● DC Supply: DC 7.2V/1.6Ah rechargeable battery
● AC Supply: AC 220V/50Hz±10%
● Battery working hours: longer than 4.5 hours at continuous working mode
● Recharging hours: 12 ~ 14 hours.

● Battery Charger: Charger 1pc
● RF Input Port: F type 2pcs
● User Manual 1 copy

Specifications of DVB-C of DVB-C Signal Test :

Frequency Range 46MHz~870MHz
Frequency Resolution 10KHz
Frequency Accuracy ±10ⅹ10-6
Average Power 35dBμV~115dBμV
Power Resolution 0.1dB
Power Accuracy ±2.0dB(under room temperature)
Input impedance 75Ω
MER 22~39dB
MER Accuracy ±2dB
BER 1E-4~1E-8(after RS)
Modulation 16/32/64/128/256QAM
Constellation Diagram